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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 23, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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monday night as we start a new week. thank you so much for being here with us and couldn't from nbc news headquarters from new york. shutdown is over but don't worry, in all likelihood, we'll have another one two weeks from thursday. the government is back up and running this morning. lawmakers were able to agree on a three-week funding bill, but only after a promise from majority leader mitch mcconnell to take up immigration. plus, president trump was largely out of sight during the shutdown deal, but the white house is playing down reports that he was not involved in negotiations. good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, january 23rd. a three-day government shutdown is over after president trump
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signed legislation last night to fund the government through february 8th and extend the children's health insurance program for six years. and $31 is billion in tax cuts delaying obamacare spending offsets like the medical device tax and the cadillac tax on employers who offer very expensive health insurance plans. majority leader mitch mcconnell committed to senate democrats and republican allies who are demanding protections for daca recipients that he would allow a vote on the issue next month. but an great is far from being hammered out as yesterday's debate showed. >> after three days of an unnecessary lapse in funding, a bipartisan majority has brought the democratic leaders' extraordinary filibuster to an end and passed a bipartisan bill to reopen the federal dwoft. the weeks ahead will require the best from all of us. i hope we can remember some lessons from this regrettable
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incident. bring brinksmanship and hostage taking do not work. they make the bipartisan process harder, not easier to achieve. yesterday evening, i restated my position that these negotiations can't last forever. should these issues not be resolved by the time the funding bill before us expires on february 8th, so long as the government remains open, so long as the government remains open, it would be my intention to take up legislation here in the senate that would address daca, border security, and related issues as well as disaster relief, defense funding, health care and other important matters. >> while this procedure will not satisfy everyone on both sides, it's a way forward. i'm confident that we can get the 60 votes in the senate for a
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daca bill. it is a good solution. and i will vote for it. >> looking at the breakdown of yesterday's votes to extend government funding, the house passed the agreement 26-150 with 144 democrats. about three-quarters of the party's caucus in open session. the the senate passed the bill 81-18 along with some republicans who observed for budget and procedural reasons. among the democrats voting no were some of the party's rumored 2020 presidential hopefuls, including cory booker, camilla sanders and even elizabeth warren for that fact. christopher chris coons suggested those members should focus more on governing. >> what appeals to our base for some primary several years now is not what i'm worried about. what i'm worried about is how do
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we solve real problems. my gut is at the end of the day, tease what people are looking for in a next national leader, as well. so for my colleagues who are hoping they might be on the ticket in 2020, i don't think simply moving further and further to the left is the best way to accomplish that. >> so we had a late night tweet from the president declaring victory. at 11:30 p.m. washington time, he wrote, quote, a big win for republicans as democrats cave on shutdown. now i want a big win for everyone, including republicans, democrats and daca. but especially for our great military and border security. should be able to get there. see you at the negotiating table. but the president has been noticeably absent from the deal making in washington. the ap reports that trump told allies over the weekend that he hated being on the sidelines, but he followed the recommendations of his staff and key congressional republicans and removed himself from the negotiations. yesterday, six republican senators attended discussions at
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the white house. though a statement did not say how engaged the president was in those talks. the president also invited democratic senators joe manchin to the white house. and yesterday the white house played down discussions that the president was not involved while senator chuck schumer said otherwise. >> what has he been doing behind the scenes as the trauma unfolded? >> we put out a number of readouts. he's had several different calls, both with members on the hill. he has met with a number of his cabinet to manage the shutdown. that was a big priority for the president was making sure that this was well managed. >> since our meeting in the oval office on friday, the president and i have not spoken. and the white house refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend. the great deal making president sat on the sidelines.
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>> there you go. joining us from capitol hill, msnbc correspondent garrett hague. garrett, good to talk to you. you've seen everything firsthand. you have to be exhausted. tell us about, garrett, this bipartisan group that kind of steered the senate towards this agreement to end the shutdown. how did they ultimately sort of get to their end game and get everybody on the same page and do we think this bipartisan group can help with negotiations going forward, especially with things like daca? >> this bipartisan group is fascinating. for folks who maybe want to see their government work better, it's a sign of optimism that they even work together at all. we're talking about a group of senators led by susan collins. they met in her office and used a good old fashioned talking stick at times to make sure only one person could make their point. they agreed on a couple of big issues, first, that they wanted this to be a senate solution. they knew they can't control the
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president, they can't control the house, they can control what they knew and they knew they wanted to get back to work. these are people who didn't feel necessarily like the shutdown was exceptionally helpful in having a bipartisan debate. what will be interesting to see over the next couple of weeks is if they can stick together. in the senate, one person can be quite powerful. 25 people can be extremely powerful. this group doesn't all agree on immigration, so we'll see how much that core nucleus holds together. but if they decide to force the issue, they can absolutely keep mcconnell's feet to the fire. they can make sure this issue stays front and center. >> garrett, even if the senate comes one a comprehensive bipartisan plan on things like daca and border security, do you get a sense of how that will be received by the white house and subsequently the house of representatives? >> this is the ultimate political squeeze play. the senate wants to be the first to come up with some kind of plan that they have passed.
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and then they can push the house and the president to get on board with it. there are a lot of people in the senate, including a couple of people in that bipartisan group like lindsey graham who think they have the president's ear and that they can ultimately convince the president of the greater good. this will not be a schoolhouse rock of how a bill becomes a law. the way these the senators see it, if they can pass something, they can convince the president of its value, then the president might convince some of those in the house this is worth going for. but it will be a race between the moderates and conservative voices who are already in the president's ear yesterday. >> i'm not sure if you stayed up late all night for us or got up early, but garrett, thank you very much, my friend. >> my pleasure. we are hearing more from the fiancee of a former trump national security aide who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi and is now cooperating with the special investigation.
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this fiancee of george papadopoulos disputes that he was a, quote, low level volunteer. she tells "the washington post" history will remember him like john dean, referring to president nixon's white house counsel who pleaded guilty in the roll of the cover-up in watergate and flipped to bring down the prosecution. dickon was mentioned in the tell-all book "fire and fury." comey was a rat, repeated trump, there were rats everywhere and you had to get rid of them. according to "the post," it's claimed there is more to be revealed publicly about her fiancee's ten months as a formal security adviser to trump, but she did not offer specifics yet. >> let's go back to washington. sara westwood is joining us now.
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sara, good morning to you. thanks for joining us. as we have reported earlier, senate republicans and the democrats have reached a deal to move forward. what will -- do we think we'll see a deal for daca before the march deadline and can we see congress move forward on daca without trump? >> it's hard to see democrats voting for the next continuing resolution, the deadline being february 8th, without having made substantial progress towards a daca deal. the question really is whether that deal will pick up any traction in the house. and, again, it's difficult to see speaker ryan taking up any immigration deal passed by the senate that doesn't have the explicit backing of president trump. they're not going to send trump a bill that he is not going to sign. so trump is a key player here in whether a daca deal gets done. >> sara, let me ask you quickly about the shutdown deadline which has now obviously been punted to february. are we likely to see both sides
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reach a spending deal over the course of the next three weeks? >> well, the question is whether we can keep immigration talks and spending talks separate as the white house and republicans have been pushing for since december. the uncoupling the two is sort of what got the train back on the tracks here and ended the shutdown. but democrats, if they're not getting anywhere with the immigration negotiations, they could push to try to tie the two together again and gain more leverage as we head towards february 8th. so it really depends whether the marriage of immigration talks and spending talks happens again. >> sara, let's switch gears here. we're hearing republican lawmakers are pretty angry right now with the justice department lost five months of text messages from fbi agent peter strock and lawyer lisa page. they were having a relationship as we all remember this story. jeff sessions said yesterday that he plans to launch a probe into these missing text
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messages. do you think this could re-ignite calls to an investigation of a possible bias at the justice department? >> absolutely. because we don't know what is in those text messages. it could be exculpatory, it could be incrippminatory. the text messages took place at a vital time in the obama add member administration all the way to may when the russia investigation picked up a lot of steam. so for conservatives, this may be an avenue for them to re-ignite these accusations of bias against the justice department that so far haven't gone anywhere. >> it is rather interesting that these text messages are missing considering the eyeballing and talk surrounding these. sara, thank you. still ahead, everybody,
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welcome back, everybody. pennsylvania's supreme court has thrown out the state's congressional map ruling that it, quote, clearly, plainly and palpably violets the state constitution. democrats filed a lawsuit allegedly that republicans unreasonably gerrymandered the state's 18 congressional districts. the republican-controlled legislature created the map in 2011 following the 2010 u.s. census. critics pointed out the shape of district 7 just outside of philadelphia, which has been likened to goofy kicking donald duck, pennsylvania's legislature
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has until february 9th to create a new map and the state's governor will have nebraska february 15th to submit it to the court. this could boost democrats' chance toes chip away at their deficit in the house. let's get a check on your weather with nbc's bill karins. you're following an 8.2 the magnitude eshg that just occurred in alaska prompting tsunami warnings. >> we have see namemy watches in effect for the hawaiian islands and the west coast. this would tie the strongest earthquake we had aft year on all of our planet. this was about 280 miles southeast of kodak, alaska. it's just south of the alaska coastline here.
2:18 am
here is where we get the concerns, though. this map is from the tsunami warning center and it shows the arrival times, how far the tsunami. we're waiting for confirmation on how big the tsunami is, where exactly it's located and how fast it's moving. this star here shows you where it occurred. this outer ring here is about a half hour ago, and that would be arriving in the pacific northwest possibly. it's not confirmed that anything horrible is going to happen there. obviously, the first areas that are going to be hit is right along the alaska coastline. that is only about 15 to 30 minutes after the initial earthquake took place. so what we have out there is we have these buoys that are sitting out in the ocean from the past tsunamis. these are our first warnings. we wait to see what the displacement of these buoys is, how high they rise with the waves to tell us what they have. and here is the concern.
2:19 am
so this is the gulf of alaska here and this is one of our buoys out here. this one is pretty close to where the epicenter happened. it's kind of hard to zoom in here. but this shows you the typical waves. and you see this red line that jumps up here. that happened just in the last about 15 minutes or so and that showed a water rise of 33 feet. so that, for all the scientists looking at this and trying to figure out what is going on, that is very alarming. it's this little yellow thing out there in the ocean. we have those all along the west coast and everywhere else. you can see a graph of it better here. the water with rise and then it came quickly down back to normal. >> bill? >> yeah? >> at what point would people know if they're safe from the s tsunami? >> once they see it's low enough and that it's just -- once they see that it's fine. i'm looking at other buoy sites
2:20 am
further to the north. it's not gotten to the alaska coastline yet with, but where there are sirens,s those sirens are going off. for people in the hawaiian islands and the pacific northwest wit northwest, right now if you're towards the coastline, you're making plans in case you have to leave. you have about 2 1/2 hours. our thoughtsport people on the alaska coast. a 30-foot water rise is pretty serious. >> let's hope people are heeding those warnings. thanks, bill. still ahead, everybody, lebron and company's fiery team meeting. a playoff-bound coach's team gets the ax. and another routine day in the nba. we'll have all the details in sports, next. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ]
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ welcome back. time now for sports. starting off with some of the latest nba news, jason kidd has been fired as the head coach of the milwaukee bucks after the team has gone 24-22 and holing on to the seventh seed in the eastern conference. according to kidd, bucks stars tried to intervene the in an effort to save kidd's job. he posted a 139-159 team record. the team lost in the playoffs both times losing in the first round. meanwhile, cousins had a historic night putting up 44
2:24 am
points, 24 rebounds and 10 assists in the the double overtime victory against the bulls. last night, cousins is the first player to have 40 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assist necessary a game since kareem adbul-jabbar did it back in 1972. cousins joined ja bbar and osca williams as the only players to amass such a double. the blame game has begun starting with forward kevin love. according to espn, the cavs reportedly had a fiery team meeting with several players callinging the legitimacy of love's illness that caused him to leave saturday's loss against the thunder. according to the league sours, love defended himself and apparently satisfied his teammates with his explanation, but with the team searching for answers, he may not escape the fire and fury for long.
2:25 am
and on sunday, pat shummer was one game away from appearing in the super bowl until the minnesota vikings were crushed by the philadelphia eagles. shurmur is backing his bags for the big apple. the new york giants have officially announced shurmur as the new head coach. the 18th in franchise history. shurmur has previously been the head coach of the cleveland browns, post ago 10-23 win-loss record from 2011 to 2012. he takes over for ben mcadoo who was fired by the giants after going 2-10 and ending eli manning's consecutive start streak at 210 games. and usa gymnastics three of four top board members resigned following the sex abuse scandal by former dr. larry nassar. an investigator hired by the usa
2:26 am
gymnastics to examine its policies found the federation needed a, quote, complete culture change to protect young athletes. the announcement made yesterday follows a week of emotional victim testimony in a court of more than 100 accusers. still ahead, everybody, the government shutdown is over, but another possible showdown is looming in less than three weeks. we're going to get a live report from capitol hill. plus, the very latest on vice president pence's trip overseas.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian along with yayman mohyeldin along with lewis burgdorf. the government shutdown ended. the political wrangling between lawmakers is only just beginning. casey hunt has more from capitol hill. >> the federal government is open today after senate democrats decided they could trust mitch mcconnell and they are expecting an immigration vote by february 8th. if they can't strike a deal with the president in the meantime. but it sets up a contentious debate with immigration that could have us back where we started in less than three weeks. >> the u.s. government is open for bes. senate democrats taking the deal after a three-day shutdown over
2:31 am
protecting the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> it is a good solution and i will vote for it. >> the government will now stay open for three more weeks, the children's health insurance program fully funded for six more years. >> this immigration debate will have a level playing field at the outset. >> the only real change from sunday? democrats decided to trust mcconnell. after a day filled with anxious questions, federal workers showing up to their offices uncertain about what the morning would hold. >> got a mortgage. i feel like i want to go to work. please get it together, everybody, because i don't have two jobs like some people do. i have one job. >> national parks like the statue of liberty shuttered over the weekend, states forced to foot the bill so they could open. the day's dramatic turn of events playing out in the halls of capitol hill. >> are you considering changing
2:32 am
your vote? >> we'll hear where we are. i don't know what's been agreed to. >> a group of bipartisan senators huddling in susan collins' office. >> what do you think, can you get this done today? >> i don't know. >> it's almost 11:00 a.m. do you think right now the government will reopen by the end of the day? >> i hope so. if it doesn't, i don't know where we go from here because we're so, so very close. about 90 minutes later, it was done. the only different -- >> leader mcconnell made a clear public commitment on the floor of the senate. we're not going to be able to move forward if we don't trust each other. >> the government reopening, but just for three more weeks when wi this fight will take place all over again. >> the president signed the bill overnight. the question now where will he stand in this immigration debate. that's what republicans are waiting for and what democrats are afraid of. >> thank you so much. garrett, good to talk to you once again. so we have this february 8th
2:33 am
deadline, the government funded through february 8th. you can't quite believe it, just three more weeks. are we going to sort of be at this situation once again? how likely, garrett, do you think another shutdown could be? and are there any signs that congress is going to get into a cycle of one continuing resolution after another? >> well, hope springs eternal here. and i think another shutdown is less likely for two reasons. number one, the one thing democrats got out of this shutdown is this promise from mitch mcconnell to deal with the immigration issue forthrightly. but when you listen to mcconnell's comments on the floor, he's been very clear. that works if and only if the government stays open. republicans have held the line pretty well on this idea that they won't negotiate on the substance of an immigration deal if democrats shut the government down. so if we get back into that same spot again, it may be self-defeating for democrats. and secondly, i think we've seen the relative limit of what a shutdown can accomplish from the democratic perspective.
2:34 am
this is an elections matter moment. when you're the majority party in both chambers of congress and you don't have the white house, there's not a lot that you can accomplish with the shutdown beyond extracting a promise to deal with your issues. that's what they got at this point. another shutdown might be more destructive than not from a -- for the democratic position. >> it's interesting, garrett, when you bring up the promise that schumer got. when i talked to you on sunday, you used this brilliant phrase called the trust deficit that existed in washington and that's why when we talked about that bipartisan group early on in the show, we all want to know what went on in that room and what was able to bridge that gap of that trust deficit. so, obviously, schumer trusting mcconnell on this one. let's see if that's what actually happens. garrett hague for us. thank you. vice president mike pence addressed israel yesterday, the parliament here yesterday and revealed a deadline for when recently announced u.s. embassy
2:35 am
in jerusalem should be completed. >> jerusalem is israel's capital. and as such, president trump has directed the state department to immediately begin preparations to move the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. in the weeks ahead, our administration will advance its plan to open the united states embassy in jerusalem. and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year. >> predictably, the palestinian response, as you can imagine, to pence's visit and the speech has been harsh. senior palestinian officials have been saying there would be no point had in meeting with him. one palestinian leader went so far as saying the american administration is part of the problem, not part of the solution. >> some pretty bold predictions there from pence, i have to say. understanding why the palestinians would be up in arms over that sort of thing.
2:36 am
thanks. the government shutdown is scheduled now later this week. commerce secretary wilber ross will be among the administration officials joining the president, but according to a new report, ross has fallen out of favor with the president according to axis's jonathan swan. the 80-year-old former wall street mogul is on the outs for trump for botching trade deals in the president's eyes. swan says while early in trump's presidency ross was his go-to negotiator, including trade talks with the chinese, trump concluded after a few months that ross was doing a terrible job. he had a series of oval office meetings about six months into the presidency, trump eviscerated ross, telling him he had screwed up and badly. a source in the room for one of those meetings tells swan that trump told ross, quote, these trade deals, they're terrible. adding your understanding of trade is terrible, your deals are no good, no good. but yesterday, white house press
2:37 am
secretary sarah huckabee sanders pushed back. take a listen. >> i spoke with the president about it directly this morning. he has 100% confidence in secretary ross. he loves wilbur, thinks he's doing a great job and has been a strong advocate for the administration and been a great leader when it comes to the trade discussion on steel, aluminum and certainly his involvement in trade across the board with the administration. >> the axis report adds another issue is the fact that ross keeps falling asleep at meetings. ross is unable to keep his eyes open after 11:00 a.m. saying wilbur has lost his step. jonathan swan will have much more on this report coming up on morning joe. and president trump's voter
2:38 am
fraud commission, a researcher for the advisory commission requested on two forms that voters with hispanic sur names be mragd and information sent to the panel. the commission asked every state for detailed voter information that included full names, addresses and the last four digits of social security numbers to investigate claims by the trump administration of widespread voting fraud in the 2016 presidential election. however, texas was the only state asked to flag hispanic voters. the white house and texas officials said the data was never shared due to the a lawsuit filed by voting rights advocates. earlier this month, the request was disbanded after ongoing lawsuits. since 1983, texas has identified voters with hispanic last names as required by state and federal laws. joining us now from washington, white house reporter for the washington examiner, sara westwood. good to talk to you once again.
2:39 am
chuck schumer and democrats are facing backlash over their decision to end the shutdown. is this going to impact enthusiasm amongst democratic voters heading into the midterms? >> it's entire possible. progressive groups have been very clear with what they're unhappy with what they.appear to be a vendor from schumer. and you saw a lot of the top democrats hoping to be viable in 2020 come out and vote against the solution like senator elizabeth warren. these are the types of people who want to position themselves as champions of progressive causes and they recognize it's a very energizing issue for the base. it also depends on how the ultimate deal shakes out, whether they think that democrats give too many concessions to republicans in exchange for those daca protections. >> sara, let me ask you about that deteriorating relationship between trump and wilbur ross.
2:40 am
trump has obviously grown unhappy with trade deals ross has been making or is trying to make. is ross's time in the trump administration coming to an end? are with we going to see something emerge the same way it has with rex tillerson or even jeff sessions? >> it's quite possible we could see wilbur ross part for a number of reasons. we haven't seen a lot of movement on the types of trade deals that president trump said he was going to renegotiate or overhaul. nafta is one where we haven't seen a lot of movement. in the past, once we've seen that the relationship between trump and a top aide is bad enough for it to spill out publicly, like with reince priebus or steve bannon, a departure is more or less imminent. rex tillerson is still expected to depart sometime this year. he's not seen ago someone would is going to stick around for the rest of president trump's term. >> we're into the second year of trump's presidency,
2:41 am
infrastructure being a major part of his agenda. are we hearing anything about trump's infrastructure plans going forward? >> there has been a draft memo of it that leaked out. supposedly this is something the administration is going to roll out soon. but with all the focus on the continuing resolutions and mow the promise from mcconnell to start making what looks to be a comprehensive immigration reform deal, this could have to sit on the back burner for a little while. the trump administration has been so entrenched in these spending battles. >> sara, thank you. still ahead, everybody, president trump takes major action on trade as he prepares to push his america first vision at davos. plus, bill karins tracking the massive effects of a earthquake in alaska including the potential for sue names. we'll be right back.
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2:45 am
branded tariffs ahead of his appearance at the world economic forum later this week. cnbc's filham marks joins us. what is impacted by these restrictions? >> louis, you may have to start washing up again. solar panel industry in particular is going to fakes a lot of challenge for this. they're going to start looking elsewhere for their customers. it wouldn't surprise you the chinese and south korean governments complained about this action. they said this is unfair. most attendees at davos, they tend to be in favor of liberal trade policies. analysts at places like morgan stanley say this could have wide implications for the u.s. economy, not only for solar industry growth but more widely if it seems like investors are
2:46 am
going to lose faith in the u.s.'s ability to stick to free trade policies. the government of montana saying he signed an executive order to try and prevent some of the big companies there, at&t and charter from having any operation with state contracts if they do not try and end the issues of throttling speed. that's another story we're watching, as well. and family-owned bacardi has agreed to buy tequila giant etrone for $1.5 million. what's the strategy behind this? i know you're a big tequila drinker. >> i speak for you, as well. this is the best selling high end tequila company in the world. of course with, bacardi already owns grey goose vodka, a well known rum brands, as well. so this adds to their stable. the deal is expected to close in the first half of this year.
2:47 am
this gives you a very good execution to get down to sunny gables, florida with, again. >> i can't wait. yeah. willem marx live from london, thanks so much. let's get a check on your weather from meteorologist bill karins. we've been tracking this earthquake off the coast of alaska triggering tsunami warnings. what are you seeing? >> we're trying to figure out, a, do we have a big tsunami out there. what we know for a fact, at 4:31 a.m. this morning east coast time, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck just south of the alaska coastline. that's a powerful earthquake. we get only about one 8.0 or greater on the planet per year. being so close to the coast, the next thing we watch is whats was the depth? the deeper the earthquake, the less of a tsunami. this was only 10 kilometers
2:48 am
deep. this is considered a relatively shallow earthquake. those can produce really big tsunamis. these red dots show us where these buoys are located so we know what's coming to tell people and residents to get out of the way. this little red dot right here showed a 30-foot water rise about 30 minutes ago, 45 minutes ago. now, they can tell the speed of the tsunami. so this little blue line here would be one hour. we've already gone an hour. if there's a big tsunami wave, it would be here traveling towards this two hours. and then it propagates out from there. so, in other words, if there was a big tsunami, it's already moving on shore here to the coastline of southern alaska. because that was within the hour. that's already happened. we have a tsunami watch for the hawaiian islands here. tsunamis warnings in effect for the british columbia coastline. what we're waiting to see is a, has alaska already been hit hard
2:49 am
because that wave would have arrived there and now we're waiting to see if there's a wave propagating to the south towards hawaii or a wave propagating towards the west coast of the united states. united states very alarming that we had a 30-foot water rise at one of those buoys. but another one was inconclusive. so we'll give you more details as soon as i get it in here. but very concerning. >> absolutely. >> prayers are right now with the people in alaska. >> and it's the middle of the night there, as well. pretty startling to be waking up to warnings like this one. thanks, bill. still ahead, what cia director mike pompeo says about pyongyang and how close it is to being able to hit the continental u.s. with a nuclear weapon.
2:50 am
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this september, kim jong un detonated a sixth nuclear bomb. we know that was coming? >> yes. here's what we can say. we can always identify that the program is continuing, we'll never know the exact nature of what's taking place. we'll never know the exact moment they're going to continue. go to be clear, how close is kim jong un to being able to deliver a nuclear attack to the territorial united states? a handful of months. >> correct me if i'm wrong. i do believe you have used that phrase more than six months ago. you said a handful of months. >> it's true. i hope to be able to say that a year from now as well.
2:53 am
the united states government is working diligently to extend that timeline. >> what was c.i.a. director mike pompeo, speaking about what america's intel kmount may know about north korea's nuclear program and how close it is to being able to hit the continental u.s. it comes amid what appears to be a thaw on the korean peninsula. south korean president's efforts are costing him in the poll of public opinion. joining us from seoul south korea, nbc's chief correspondent bill neily. there seems to be a lot of unhappiness in south korea over the outcomes from the latest olympic talks. talk to us about that. >> absolutely right, yasmine, there's a backlash against the idea of a united flag and a united hockey team. many young people in particular don't like this idea. they see these as two very different countries and have no
2:54 am
sentimental memory of a united korea. president moon is losing popularity. the ice hockey players are kicking back against it and even the american coach isn't happy. and the delegations come and go, a north korean delegation was here checking out the facilities, causing a bit of a media frenzy. a south korean delegation is on its way to the north to look at the ski slopes. many people here see that as kim jong un hijacking the olympics. in an extraordinary development, kim jong un has decided he's going to hold a military parade the day before the opening ceremony of the olympics. february 8th, he's designated as korea army day. this looks very much like stealing the show on the day you no before of sport to the world. is it deliberate? absolutely. is it a miscalculation? will the united states perhaps see it as provocative?
2:55 am
i think they will. yasmine? >> that seems like a direct message to me. bill neily. and stay with nbc news and msnbc for lester holt's exclusive reporting from inside north korea throughout the day and be sure to watch a special edition of "nightly news" with lester holt tonight. coming up next on "morning joe," back open for business. the federal government shutdown is over. but lawmakers are set to face the same fight in just a matter of weeks, joe and mika will talk to four senators about how they plan to find common ground to prevent another government shutdown from happening. "morning joe" moments away. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪
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before woo toss it to "morning joe," let's check the stories for the day ahead. vice president pence is set to wrap his trip to the middle east this morning. the vice president will tour the western wall in jerusalem. even as the vice president announced the official timeline of the embassy move, how are the palestinian people reacting to all of this? >> yeah, yasmine.
2:59 am
you look at how the trip has gone. it could not have gone any better from an israeli perspective. the vice president really set everything israeli officials wanted to hear. his speech at the parliament. he received a resounding welcome because of the announcement that the embassy would be open at the end of next year. at same point you're now hearing from palestinian officials using strong language to say the trump administration is no longer part of the solution, they're part of the problem. that sums up the gap that remains between israelis and palestinians, and the challenge for the trump administration to try to get these parties back to the negotiating table i don't think after seeing mike pence's trip across the region that the signs, including egypt and jordan, are any closer to the table. yasmine, guys, back to you. >> ayman see you back inside the studio soon. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside
3:00 am
ayman mohyeldin. yesterday evening i restated my position that these negotiations can't last forever. should these issues not be resolved by the time the funding bill before us expires, on february 8th, so long as the government remains open, so long as the government remains open, it would be my intention to take up legislation here in the nate, that would address daca, border security, and related issues, as well as disaster relief, defense funding, health care and other important matters. >> while this procedure will not satisfy everyone on both sides, it's a way forward. i'm confident that we can get the 60 votes in the senate for a daca bill. it is a good solution. and i will vote for it. >> and so the three-day shutdown is over.


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